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  1. Parature Latest Release
  2. CSR Preferences
  3. Ticket Workflow Editor User Guide
  4. Display Ticket SLA Health in the Service Desk
  5. Manage Service Level Agreements at the Ticket Level
  6. About Stop Clock Statuses
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  1. Parature Modules
  2. Parature System Requirements
  1. User Guide
  2. Parature Mobile Service Desk About Parature Mobile Service Desk
  3. Setup Module Configure Domain (DNS) Masking
  4. Email Module Configure Email to Ticket Conversion (E2T)
  5. Ticket Module Configure Email to Ticket Conversion (E2T)
  6. Ticket Module Create Custom Assignment Actions for a Queue or Department
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  1. API & Integrations
  2. JIRA Integration About Parature for JIRA
  3. SSO API & Toolkits Account Creation and Passthrough Authentication
  4. Angel Integration Angel Integration
  5. Salesforce Integration Best Practice: Number of Integrations
  6. Salesforce Integration Best Practice: Pausing Integrations
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  1. Support Resources
  2. General Info Parature University Webinar Series
  3. 2011 Sessions Session #06 - Enhance the Customer Experience by Customizing Your Support Portal
  4. 2011 Sessions Session #07 - Improve Your Service Team's Efficiency & the Customer Experience with Ticket Routing Rules
  5. 2011 Sessions Session #08 - Using Ticket Email Templates to Enhance Customer Notifications
  6. 2011 Sessions Session #09 - Designer Reporting 101: Introduction to Designer Basics
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