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View audit history for Ticket Rules, TSAs, and email templates

Ticket rules, TSAs, and Email Templates

Keep track of all the changes made to Ticket rules, Time Sensitive Alerts, and Email Templates so you know what changes are made to any rules or alerts. Parature will capture the following information every time Ticket rules and TSAs are edited:

  • The Date of the change
  • The Name of the Rule
  • The CSR who made the change
  • Details about the change

To view the Audit History for Ticket Rules and TSAs, follow these instructions:

  1. In the Setup module, expand Ticket > Routing Rules or Alerts.
  2. Click the New Ticket Routing Rules, Escalation Rules or Time Sensitive Alerts options and click the Audit History button.



Knowledgebase articles and CSR profile changes

Audit History for Knowledgebase articles and CSR profile changes is also available. Articles that are created, removed and published will be tracked in the audit report. Audit reports will also track changes to CSR profiles. The following actions are captured in audit history for CSR profiles.

  • Create a CSR
  • Create an API CSR
  • Copy a CSR
  • Edit a CSR
  • Role assignment
  • CSR Mass edit
  • Disable CSR
  • Reactivate CSR

Note: Customer and CSR sign in and sign out auditing details are reported in audit history.


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