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Setup multilingual chat support

Chat is more efficient than ever with real time translations. The chat language translator is a new feature that allows chat agents and customers to automatically translate chat text into their preferred languages. CSRs can conveniently ignore the chat translations during the appropriate times to leave select phrases untranslated. Customers will automatically be notified when machine translations are in use and they can deactivate them at any time. CSRs that define their native language will have chats automatically translated from the customer's language into their own. To provide a language for chat support, the language must be active. Learn more about adding a language.

Enable or disable Chat Language Translator       

  1. In the Setup tab, expand the Chat option and click General Settings.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Under the Machine Translation section, click the Yes or No option in the Enable machine translation field.
  4. In the Machine Translation Message field, enter a message to alert Customers that machine translations are enabled.

    Note: Customers will receive this notification when the Chat Language Translator is in use.

  5. Click Update.

Define languages for Chat Support


  1. In the Setup tab, expand Department Management and click the CSR Management option.
  2. Select the appropriate CSRs and under the Locale Information section, use the drop-down menu to select a native language in the Language field.
  3. Click Save.

Ignore Chat Machine Translations

Customers and chat agents can both omit words or phrases from translations for context specific reasons.

In the Chat window, use curly brackets { } around the words you do not want to translate. Please note that brackets will not show up in text display.
To enter curly brackets without disabling translations, use double curly brackets {{ }}.



The Parature Chat feature shares data with the Microsoft Translator service in order to translate the content of chat sessions. Specifically, the feature shares text submitted through the chat window with the external Microsoft Translator service. Any data provided to the external Microsoft Translator service is governed by its service specific privacy statements. We encourage you to review the Microsoft Translator privacy statement here.


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