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Enhanced search for knowledgebase and download modules

The knowledgebase and download search engines provide more relevant results, facets, filters, and multilingual functionality. CSRs can search more fields and easily sort and apply facets to their search results. CSRs can use the quick search to mass edit search results in the service desk. Customers can also apply filters and facets in their search results in the unified portal. Keywords are normalized based on language rules, which means some characters and symbols could be removed.


The keywords "bikes" and "bike" are treated the same.

The keywords "bike-repair" and "bike repair" are treated the same.

Keywords ending in "-ly" and "-li" are treated the same.

Keywords ending in "-our" and "-or" are treated the same.


Below are the following capabilities of the knowledgebase and download search:

  • Combined knowledge base and download search: Customers can search both knowledgebase and download content from the unified portal. You can also include or exclude the trash folder in your search.
  • Search within files: Customers can search for within files uploaded in the knowledgebase or download module. Items that can be searched include file name, file extension, file title, file contents (.txt, .pdf, .doc, .docx, csv, .xls, .rtf, .html, .ppt, .msg, and zip), file description, folder name, published status, SLA, and product association.
  • Filters: Filter by dates, ratings, folders, products and SLA before you enter a search term.
  • Facets: Customers can apply facets such as languages, ratings, document type, keywords, date updated to search results.
  • Search by matching any words: Use AND to match all words. Use OR to match any words.







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