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Set up a unified portal

The unified portal provides a unified support experience for customers across all of your brands and makes it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for. You can encourage upsell and add-ons by allowing your customers to browse content across all of the products and services you own. Allow your teams to continue managing their own self-service content and work with processes that are most efficient. The unified portal essentially allows your portal to interact with data in multiple departments within the same account. Customers can efficiently access the knowledgebase and the download modules for all departments, create tickets, initiate chats, and submit ticket and chat feedback all from one portal. All tickets submitted from the unified portal will display a portal alias and langauge field. 

Note: Clients migrating from flexible layout to a unified portal will have to make edits to their custom portal style. Set up a unified portal If your account has two or more departments, select which department’s content (articles, files, tickets, chats) is displayed on the unified portal.

Select Departments 

  1. In the Setup module, expand Portal and click General Settings.
  2. In the Selected Departments section, select the appropriate departments in the Available Departments list and click the move button to move the selected department to the Selected Departments list.

  3. Click Save.

Custom variables for the unified portal

Developers can easily retrieve information that may not be a page with JavaScript variables. jQWidgets are also available for new widgets and customizations to your portal. The custom variables available for a unified portal are as follows:

  • SLA ID
  • Folder ID
  • Customer #
  • Email
  • Username

Configure the product picker

The product picker drop-down is displayed in your portals when you select specific content filtering options. After you select which content is displayed to customers in each department, you can allow your customers to further filter the content they want to view on your portal. To learn more about the product picker on your portal, see the Favorite Products section.

  1. In the Setup module, expand Portal and click Product & Asset Settings.
  2. Check the check box in the Product Picker section to enable the product selector.
  3. In the Content Filtered by Product section, select the appropriate settings for content filtered based on the customer’s products and allowing customers to filter content.

    Note: The option selected will determine if the product picker is displayed in the unified portal and what products are displayed to customers. Selecting option 1 or 2 will display the product selector to customers in the portal regardless of whether customers own any products or sign in. Selecting option 3 or 4 will only display the product selector if customers own any products and sign in to the portal. 

  4. Click Save.

Favorite Products

From the support portal, customers can use the product picker to manage their list of favorite products. After selecting their favorite products, this list is accessible through the product picker drop-down on your portal.
To manage the favorite products list from the support portal, follow these instructions:
  1. Navigate to the desired support portal and click the Manage Favorite Products link under the product selector drop-down.
  2. In the Manage Favorite Products window, click the name of the product you want to move to the Favorite Products list with the > button. You can also use the >> button to move all available products.
  3. Click Submit.

Note: You must choose at least one product as a favorite product. To view a list of all available products in the product picker drop-down, add all available products to the favorite products list.
You can choose your favorite products from the product picker drop-down. If you want to view content for all of your favorite products, choose the Products option from the product selector drop-down.
The list of available products will be different, depending on your product filtering settings. If you configure your department to display all products customers will be able to choose any products from that list to include in their favorite products. If you configure your department to filter products by ownership, only the products that the customer owns will be available to include in the favorite products list.
The favorite products list will also respect your account’s settings for displaying products across departments. If you have configured your portal to display content from multiple departments, they will be available to add to your favorite products list.
Note: The favorite products list data is stored using cookies. If your web browser disables the use of cookies or if you delete your browser cookies or internet cache, your favorite products list could be reset to default.


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