JAN. 2015 Release

The following new feature list and links contains update details made to Parature, from Microsoft. For more information about new features, view the Parature Release Notes.

New Functionality Added


  • Social Context Widget: View the complete conversation history related to a Ticket created from a Facebook Post, Comment or Tweet. LEARN MORE
  • Chat Widgets: Add one or many Widgets to the Chat Toolkit. LEARN MORE


  • In-list Criteria: Create lists of options, dates, or text to compare against a field in Ticket Business rules. LEARN MORE
  • TSAs and Business Rules can Reassign CSRs previously assigned to a Ticket: When using the Assign Ticket to a CSR assigned to a Queue option for Business Rules and TSAs, Parature Administrators can choose whether available CSRs can be assigned to a Ticket if they have been assigned to the same Ticket previously.
  • Audit Logs for Ticket Business Rules and TSAs: An Audit Log will capture the Rule Name, CSR Name, Details, and Date of the changes made to all Ticket Business Rules TSAs. LEARN MORE
  • Inherit New Customer SLA for Tickets: Tickets can be configured to inherit the SLA of the new Customer when the Primary Customer is changed.
  • Option to Remove Ability to CC Customers on Tickets: An option will be added to remove the ability for Customers to CC other Customers when creating or performing Actions on Tickets.


  • Sticky Resize and Expand/Collapse settings in the Chat Toolkit: The Chat Toolkit will remember resizing and expand or collapse states for each section of the Toolkit.


  • Associate Related Knowledgebase Articles: CSRs can define custom associations between Knowledgebase Articles. These associations can be made in order to link Related Articles to one another. LEARN MORE


  • Customer Portal Activity: An historical view of Support Portal Activity, including Articles viewed and Files downloaded, for each Customer will be added to their Customer Record in the Service Desk. LEARN MORE


  • Mass Edit Products: CSRs can edit multiple Products at once. LEARN MORE


  • Exposed Configuration: We’ve exposed all of the Parature configuration options to administrators to customize and configure every aspect of your Parature instance. LEARN MORE


  • LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram Support for Parature Social Monitor: Parature Social Monitor will monitor Social Posts from LinkedIn YouTube and Instagram and allow CSRs to filter and reply to Social Events that are aggregated by the Monitor with the same functionality as Facebook and Twitter. LEARN MORE
  • Influencer Tags: Use usernames, actual names or reach to Tag and Ticket posts, comments and tweets across all supported networks. LEARN MORE
  • Hide From Timeline in Social Monitor: CSRs can set Social Events to not display on Social Timelines without deleting them from their Social Channels.


  • Article Reference Standard Reports: Parature Standard Reports provides how Knowledgebase Articles are found by Customers and CSRs on your Support Portal. The Article Refer Report displays where specific Articles are found and how many. LEARN MORE