Tip of the Week

Searching for specific information in Premium Reporting can be tedious if you do not use the correct syntax. You can improve your searches through the Subject or Details fields in Parature Premium Reporting. Filter information by using the appropriate syntax and create an easier and more effective search process.

For example: To search for all Tickets with "processor" in the Details field, add Details to the Query Filters section, and change the In List operator to Matches Pattern. You can enter a string to match against the details field and by default this will only return results which match exactly what you enter into the filter.

If you want to look for Tickets whose Details fields contain the phrase "processor", use the %processor% search term. This tells Premium Reporting to match for the phrase anywhere in the details. If you want to search for "processor" AND "monitor", you can use the terms %processor% %monitor%. Remember to enter a space between the terms and make sure that you do not enter any commas or semi-colons. You can also use different query filters to search for different combinations of phrases.

Parature Feature Spotlight

Did you know you can schedule and reschedule your Premium Packaged and Designer reports? Skip the hassle of having to remember to run a report every few weeks. You can schedule reports to automatically run on a specific date. Scheduling reports can help you keep track of your KPIs and efficiently monitor other valuable statistics. You can control how often your reports should run and determine what formats the reports should be exported as. Reports can also easily be rescheduled if you need to make any changes. Plan your future reports so you can improve your Customer Service!

To learn more about Scheduling and Rescheduling Premium Custom Reports, check out this article.

Dear Parature,

How do I make make my Premium Reports more effective?

To learn more about Premium Reports, read our response here!

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