Set up queues to make your workflows more intelligent

Set up queues to make your workflows more intelligent

Create and set up following queues to make your workflow more intelligent and ensure that tickets are assigned to the correct queues.

  1. CSR Queue:

    A CSR queue is basic, but ideal for skills based routing rules. Tickets and chats can be assigned to a CSR or queue, but rememeber they cannot be assigned to both! You can give each of your CSRs their own queue or set up skill based queues, so Tickets or chats will be assigned to a CSR with a specific skill set. You can also manually assign a Ticket to a CSR with the required technical skills to solve it.

  2. Escalation Queue:

    Create a queue for only escalated Tickets so critical issues that require special attention can be handled in a timely fashion.

  3. Business Hours Queue:

    Tickets are normally assigned to the CSR with the least amount of open Tickets first, but you can create a queue that is based on your business hours. You can set up business hours, after hours, or always queues, and assign the appropriate CSRs each queue.

  4. Un-routed Tickets Queue:

    Sometimes Tickets are not routed when there is a routing rule error. Make sure you never miss a Ticket with an un-routed Tickets queue.

  5. Urgent Queue:

    Create a queue for emergency cases or issues. This queue can help you manage your urgent Tickets and make them a priority for CSRs.


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